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    Our professional team

    At FRG AUDITORES Y CONSULTORES our professional team has experience in multiple sectors. As professionals, we have become the strategic ally of our clients, supporting them in the achievement of their objectives and in their growth. We are aware of the great challenges that our clients assume in the national and international market and to be successful we must accompany them continuously so that they and we grow as an organization. We are satisfied that our clients refer us as they recognize our work. Our values of Responsibility, Quality, Honesty and Reliability are our pillars and guide

    Experts in what we do

    At the time of creating our team, we have had professionals who share our four main features: quality in our work, honesty for total transparency, responsibility for our actions and finally our reliability

    Our professional team

    Juan Mac Sáchica Mejía

    Audit Leader

    Timoleon Camacho Tauta

    Taxes Manager

    Gustavo Adolfo Perea Florez

    Audit Manager

    Víctor Moncada Cardona

    Audit Manager

    Stefannya Colonia

    Outsourcing Manager

    Julián Ricardo Rivera Ríos

    Audit IT Manager

    Carolina Rodríguez Osorio

    Commercial Lawyer, Master in Intellectual Property, Competition and New Technologies

    Firm partners

    Francisco Rivera Giraldo

    Tel: +57 (2) 514 5033
    Cali, Colombia

    Jesús Maria Rivera Giraldo

    Deputy Executive Director
    Tel: +57 (2) 514 5033
    Cali, Colombia