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    FRG AUDITORES Y CONSULTORES SAS since 1992, provides integrated services of tax Audit, External Audit, Special Audits, Internal Control Audit, Tax and Accounting Consulting, Financial Analysis in accordance with the new trends, contributing to the achievement of the goals and strategic directions of the Organizations. By resolution 101 of September 5, 1996, we are registered under No. 316 in the Central Board of Accountants.

    Always thinking about satisfying the specific needs of each of our clients, we have specialized professionals for each area, which are assigned to projects according to their knowledge. The focus of our work is to provide reasonable security to our clients and third parties regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations, the reliability of financial information, compliance with regulations and the management of administrators.

    Thanks to the trust of our customers throughout these years, we have managed to be part of the international alliance of independent firms GGI Geneva Group.

    Geneva Group International

    This alliance will enable FRG AUDITORES Y CONSULTORES SAS to meet the needs of its clients abroad and advise companies that come to settle in the country.


    We are dedicated to the provision of professional services in the accounting, labor, tax and financial areas, complying with regulations, generally accepted principles, pronouncements, concepts, among others, and offering an efficient, reliable and timely service, in permanent search to deliver integral solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients, in such a way that they find in the firm a strategic ally in their business development.


    By 2030, having consolidated our presence in the south-west of Colombia through the provision of professional business consulting services, with an emphasis on research and the permanent development of skills in our human and technological resources, in order to meet the needs of our clients with an efficient portfolio and contribute to the economic development of the region.